Why People Don’t Travel and Why They Should

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

People have many reasons on why they do not travel to other countries or cities. They are either comfortable with what they have in the surrounding areas or they just not open to trusting other people.

This post will cover these types of topics and why you should try to get out there.

Comfortable In Their Environment

Like most human beings, we get use to our environment. We inhabit our surroundings in the way we feel comfortable. We buy furniture for our homes, electrical appliances and the this and thats, that we feel makes for a perfect or better home.

It could be that we have everything necessary around us,  like good restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, recreation, decent schools, etc. Some people have not even explored their own surroundings.

Fear Of Foreign Things

Fear of foreign things can range from people to weather. We cannot ignore the fact that just looking at someone’s face can be off-putting. You either feel they’re constantly angry or not approachable. Having a different skin type can also put you off or a rare condition (for those who watched Everything, Everything) can scare the crab out of you, when you’re not sure about the climate/weather.

Language Barriers are of course most off-putting of all them foreign things. Not knowing what someone is saying about you is the most nerve-racking experience anyone can go through in a foreign place especially if you’re sceptical of people.

Watch Too Much Crime Dramas/Movies

Besides all the chaos happening in Russia,  I’ve always felt the people there are the most scariest people in Europe,  or rather most of the world. There’s just something about how they were brought across on television shows and movies that scared the living hell out of me. Right now, even more I’d like to avoid Russia.

Many people might have the same feeling. In spy or crime dramas they’ll show the type of places gangsters hangout, places known for human trafficking and the list goes on. All that type of things that instil fear in non-travellers.

Rather Spend Money On Something Else

Not everyone’s planning their big trip. People spend their money on things like a house, car, furniture, family, education etc. Travelling might seem like a waste of money on something that is temporary and see that kind of experience as a mere picture or fading memory.

I’ve heard many people say “I’m happy where I am. I have everything at my convenience”. That is totally cool. In my experience, I find this is more evident for people in the countryside. They especially have a different lifestyle and may struggle to adapt.

Personal Reasons

We’ve all had bad experiences in life. It’s literally unavoidable. Whether it’s with food, people or services, it’s part of life.. This could also be one of the reasons people choose to stay in an environment where they are comfortable. Maybe you’re afraid of heights (airplane), allergies or leaving your home behind.

These topics seem very similar and probably is but it plays a big role. Most of us prefer our comfort zones. It’s our safe haven but the world is your oyster. Enjoy the beauty this world has, as it belongs to everyone.

Travelling exposes you to new cultures, people, cuisines,  environments and so much more. Whether it’s another town, city or country, get into your car, Uber or catch your flight but go somewhere you’re not familiar with.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great day!

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