Clubs You Can Start In Your Free Time

We all get bored with the same old thing. So let’s start something new. Have you ever thought of starting a club? Yes? No? Well, whether you’ve answered “no” or “yes” to this question, I’m still going to give you a few club ideas.

Let’s dive in and be sure to do extra research if you feel there’s a legal barrier you might be crossing. You can charge a fee or subscription on an hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.

  1. Book Club
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This may be a tale as old as time, but book clubs are still cool, especially if there’s a movie adaption as well. People like comparing what could have been with what should have stayed. I know when watching Before I Fall, I wanted Zoey Deutch and Diego Boneta to hook up like in the book, but they didn’t.

There are, of course, many other reasons people like reading books. Like learning new things, challenging the mind, and so much more. Mixing up your genres will definitely kick things up a bit. So try a different genre for each new book meet-up.

You can meet-up at someone’s house, a park, a recreation centre, or virtually.

Fee for: books, snacks (if there are any available) and maybe rent.

  1. Sports Club
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If you’re the sporty type, starting a sports club is the ideal thing for you. You need to find a place to use or rent. Send out flyers or posts on social media to get the word out there. Charge a fee or get a sponsor for kits.

Sports are a good way to keep fit and meet new people. There are also various sports clubs you can join with little money and pay a fee of maybe thousands of dollars.

  1. Adventure Club
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This might seem similar to a sports club, but trust me, it’s not. Where sport lies a bit closer to passion, adventure lies close to death. It’s the adrenaline rush that flows through you that keeps things in constant motion.

Adventures can be exploring an area (excursion/travelling), going on a hike, zip lining, bungee jumping, paragliding, shark cage diving, and many more. You’ll definitely need a license, waivers, and other documentation for this type of club, but it has its perks.

Fees range from $5000 to hundreds of thousands, taking into consideration equipment rental fees or purchases, safety gear, legal documentation and fees, etc.

  1. Activities Club
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This might sound like an adventure club, but it’s not. Activities can be anything from arts and crafts to workshops. This can include so many things. There is literally so much you can do with this. You can share your skills with people and charge them for your services.

If you’re musically inclined, you can share your talents with someone looking to play an instrument, sing, or produce music. Artists can offer art classes, chefs can offer cooking classes, and so forth.

Fee: It would be best to charge per hour, but if you choose a weekly or monthly basis, that’s fine too.

  1. Tech Club
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Where are all the geeks? This club is the best thing that happened to people with technological gifts. Here they can make gadgets, fix devices and do robotics. You can fix old phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and other devices and sell them. You can even build a computer from scratch and sell it.

Do further research about the legal aspects of this kind of business.

Fee: Start-up costs will be needed for tools and equipment, devices and gadgets, rental space (if used), software subscriptions, etc.

A club is a great way to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you. You can either start a club or join one.

I hope this will inspire someone to start a club. Remember, this is merely an example. There are many clubs you can start.

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  1. Let me know if you need any more ideas. I’ll help as best I can.


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