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Things To Do In Your Free Time

Everyone gets a bit bored with the way their life is at times. I know I do. I’ve tried getting out of my comfort zone many times (psst, I’m still in it) but hopefully this post can convince me to get out of it too.

We are in our comfort zones because we’re afraid of what the unknown might bring to light and assume it’s a bad thing when it’s often not. I’ve procrastinated doing so much things, just to be satisfied with the bare minimum or nothing at all. That’s not helping nobody.

Below I’ll create a list of things you can do to help your free time pass and discover some new and hopefully beneficial things to you in the long run as well.

1. Volunteer

You’ve probably heard this one many times before and it sounds like Twinkle Little Star but this can be such a heartwarming and/or life changing experience.

Ever had someone tell you something you don’t like and it sticks with you your whole life through? For example, “You have bad breath”. You’ll make sure to brush your teeth or use mouth wash. Also when having a conversation with people, you wouldn’t want to speak to close to their face.

So will voluntary experiences stick with you too. Volunteering also looks great on your résumé.

You can volunteer at  churches, homeless shelters, retirement homes, animal rescue, workplaces, events, outdoor activities and so much more. Look for one in your area and just give it a go. You can learn so much.

I challenge you to say YES to things you wouldn’t normally say yes to.

2. Take an Online Course

There are so many platforms and people that are sharing their skills with the world. Whether this is a professor or professional in their field. Upskilling ourselves can’t hurt. In fact we may find our calling.

If you’re not sure what course to take, look for free aptitude tests on Google. The reason I said tests is because with more tests, you’ll better find which category you fall into.

Some online course sites include

3. Create a Club

Starting a club can be so much fun. You’ll meet new people who are interested in the same things as you or is even trying it for the first time too. Clubs can include:

  • Sports like hockey, tennis, badminton, skating, cycling, soccer, surfing and so much more.
  • Book/Poetry club. There’s many genre’s to explore here. Try mixing it up to get a taste of different literature.
  • Chess/Checkers club. Very sophisticated for the problem solvers which is always a good challenge for the mind.
  • Host a trivia night. You can host it at a bar, restaurant, community/school hall or any available space. A prize is always motivational, although to the competitive one’s it’s mostly about the title.

Other clubs may include dance club, choir, comic book club, art club, language club, live action role-playing and so much more.

4. Travel

Spend time in a different environment. A change of scenery can do wonders for the soul. You can travel locally, nationally or internationally.

If you live in the city, go to the countryside. If you’re looking to expose yourself to other cultures, histories, lifestyle and cuisines, I would advise you to go to another city, whether it’s in your country or abroad.

5. Sign-up

It might seem highly irritating to constantly get e-mails thrown in your inbox everyday, but you never know when it’s just the thing you need. With a blog like these you never know. You might win a competition via a vacation giveaway and have the time of your life. You might get a special discount that’s valid for a limited time and in that time the discount perfectly suits your budget. Just simple things like that.

You should of course only sign-up to websites you think can be beneficial to you. For example, websites that offer giveaways, vacations, discounts, regular updates/posts and so forth.

Look for competitions and discounts just to save you that little bit of extra.

Remember, nothing in life is free. Someone has to pay for it. Also remember, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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